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By Teodor Kurentzis

Камера: -

Места съемки: Perm

Short-movie "The Log"

"The log" feature short film by Alexey Romanov

Member of the special program Short Film Corner, the 65th Cannes International Festival (2012), Best Short Film Festival "Multimatograf" (2012), a member of the "New Generation" Sinefantom "in the MIFF (2012), a member of the XXII International Festival "Message to Man" St. Petersburg (2012)


Камера: -

Места съемки: -

Skate-video "NASVAY-MEXICO"

A little b-side for NASVAY-project about travelling in Mexico

Камера: Red

Места съемки: Mexico

Competition for TV Channel "9 Wave"

Камера: Red

Места съемки: Nalchik

Charity competition of pictures "Kids Pics"

Trailer, Moscow, 2013 г.

Камера: Red

Места съемки: Москва

"Family Salad"

Advertising video for TV Channel "Teledom"

Камера: Red

Места съемки: Saint-Petersburg

"NASVAY Gates in India", Trailer

Trailer for documentary about skate boarding in India, 2014

Камера: -

Места съемки: -

Pirato - "Brothers heart"

 Official music-video for Hip-hop band "Pirato"


Камера: -

Места съемки: Уфа


TV show of aerobic and dance

Камера: RED

Места съемки: Saint-Petersburg

Auramancer - "Such a Call"

Official music Video for Brussels rock band Auramancer

Камера: -

Места съемки: -

Documentary "Pomors - people of water"

For TV channel "My Planet"

Камера: -

Места съемки: -


Камера: -

Места съемки: Perm

Documentary about russian hockey school


Камера: -

Места съемки: Moscow

Video "Park Sochi"

Video for Govenment of Rusian Federation Investment Department of Olympic Development

Камера: -

Места съемки: г.

the multi-shot

The multi-shot Quality multi-camera shooting (shooting mode TCP) depends on many factors, including: the skills and experience of the director and operators, their teamwork, the choice of points for shooting, but also a set of cameras and their movement on the set. In this mode, the image is collected in real-time.

Signal comes from multiple cameras on the mixer, the director selects the composition and the material immediately written to the media. Our directors have extensive experience in the federal channels, consider features events to create the audience in front of a so-called "telepresence."

Shooting concerts. Shooting performances. Take action.

We organize multi-chamber shooting concerts, performances and other events in Russia and the Europe. Images are captured in HD. Minimum number of cameras - eight. Furthermore, depending on the sound field sound engineers use our from 4 to 8 microphones.

The advantage of "TeleFerma" is the availability of all necessary technical base. We will make a DVD with the full version of the event and will post on the material of your choice.



"TeleFerma" organizes various webcasts. Broadcasting and continuous video stream in high definition is provided by our channels and servers with high bandwidth, regardless of where the broadcast. During the surveys are used only professional cameras, microphones and lighting. We have many years experience of online broadcasts in Russia, CIS and Europe.

The company "TeleFerma" has provided the possibility of placing running line, banners and advertising directly during the broadcast. Broadcast may occur on the site, in social networks, as well as video sharing. In this broadcast will be available on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Through online broadcasting you can advertise goods and services, to organize distance learning employees or lighting you interesting events. At the end of the broadcast you get a CD with her record and detailed viewership statistics.

Studio regulars "TeleFerma" have access to manage their own Internet broadcasting on our servers. With this service you can control the audienceand registration and the cost of holding the translation. Our experts are ready to provide all necessary support and organize training on effective management service.

Air survey

This type of video can demonstrate the specificity of the object, place or event from a helicopter, which established professional camcorders and stabilizers. We use only professional unmanned helicopters Cinestar 6 Revolution, as well as ancillary oktokopters.

"TeleFerma" - the only Russian company that organizes shooting commercials, presentations or events from a helicopter at an altitude of several thousand meters, including in the mountains.

Team "TeleFermy" has extensive experience in aerial photography and is ready to develop a concept and write a script specifically for your order.

About company

We are working on the territory of Russia and the European Union, as well as in the United States. Main office - in Moscow.

Professional team production studio "Teleferma" provides services for multi-camera shooting (the TCP mode) concerts, theatrical performances, conferences, social events, sporting events, and arranging for online broadcasts. Shooting in the format Full HD, as well as a new high definition AVC Intra HD. Technical base and geography studio "TeleFerma" is increasing every year due to long-term contracts. "TeleFerma" works closely with the rapidly growing production studios in St. Petersburg, Kiev, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Minsk. It provides quick access to the necessary equipment in the field and operational staff selection anywhere in the country and abroad.

Production company Teleferma.
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